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Detroit influences Beyonce, whether you realize it or not

Pardon us as we begin the recovery process from a #Beychella hangover following a weeklong binge of the back-to-back epic performances – one we all watched in the early hours, the other we basically watched on bootleg – from Beyonce at Coachella this month. We’re still unworthy.

There was unapologetic black culture. There were looks. There was hair. There are now eternal gifs. And, if you caught it at the right time, there was Detroit.


How to make a more sustainable Detroit

In observance of Earth Day this month, The Neighborhoods will be running a series of posts detailing how Detroiters can practice good measures of sustainability. But what exactly is sustainability? 

As the director of the City of Detroit’s first office of Sustainability, what excites me the most is being able to help people improve their lives through creating a healthier, greener, more vibrant city for all Detroiters.  


Got an idea to improve the lives of Detroit's youth? Get funding from The Skillman Foundation

The Skillman Foundation and the Campaign for Black Male Achievement are looking for great ideas and programs to improve the lives of Detroit’s youth of color. The second Detroit Innovation Challenge is part of the Detroit My Brother’s Keeper and My Sister’s Keeper initiatives and will reward 20 ideas with $5,000 each and a support system to help develop the idea into a pilot program. The top six ideas will be funded $50,000 and full support to the launch of their program. 


Board of Police Commissioners to discuss secondary employment for police officers

The Detroit Board of Police Commissioners will hold a special presentation on Detroit police officers and secondary employment in the wake of an investigation into a Detroit Police officer accused of beating a man while off duty.

During the BOPC’s monthly meeting, the board will address the question of what can — or can’t — police officers do while off duty or engaged in secondary employment outside of DPD, what the costs are and who pays for them.

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