District 1 is an eclectic community with varying interests from community gardening and farming to a theater district and thriving business corridor along Grand River Avenue. Our major neighborhoods include:  Brightmoor, Castle Rouge, Old Redford, Riverdale, Berg-Lahser, Grandmont #1, Grandmont Community, Rosedale Park, North Rosedale Park, Minock Park, Grand River-Greenfield, O'Hair Park and Crary-St. Marys. Other organizations committed to improving the District include the Schoolcraft Improvement Association, Grandmont Rosedale Development Corporation, Brightmoor Alliance, Neighbors Building Brightmoor, Detroit Blight Busters, Southfield Jefferies Business Association and the West Seven Mile Business Association. Our residents have great working relationships and partnerships with community leaders and residents throughout the district.

"District 1 has more than 65 established block clubs and community associations and is a collection of great people, vibrant neighborhoods and tremendous opportunity.  While we certainly have challenges to overcome, we are working to together to improve the quality of life for all. With so many of our neighbors engaged and informed, it’s no wonder that D1 is the place where so many residents call HOME."

Council President Pro Tem James Tate