When it comes to helping small biz, @askjennyfer’s got that east side sizzle.

Jennyfer Crawford discovered her true professional calling a decade ago. It was helping others succeed.

“My background is in construction… that was my last full time job. I was called a drop of oil in a bucket of water… all these things were said to me that were so inappropriate. Only thing I did every day was complain to my friends about my job. And they didn’t want to hear that every day – it made them miserable. So one day I just quit.”

“My goal was to sell my furniture to pay rent – and figure the rest out as I went. It went against what we’re taught – get a job, be the job, doesn’t matter if it makes you miserable. I had to change the way I thought. So I quit – and it’s the best thing I ever did in my life.”

Dozens of small businesses in Detroit are eternally grateful for this revelation. Her company “All Things Detroit” has proven itself to be one of the strongest catalysts for small business growth this city has ever seen. It started as a single event showcasing small business vendors in Eastern Market. It’s grown exponentially since then. She even created an official national holiday. Each year, the Sunday before Easter is “National All Things Detroit Day.”

“THIS is my business. I’m gonna help other people. Because I meet people like me, who were miserable at their ‘job.’ But they have some incredible talent and just need some help.”

Let’s take it back to the east side, where Jennyfer was raised off Beniteau near Vernor Ave.

“We lived in this little neighborhood, where it was – COMMUNITY. Only seven houses on the block, no Chrysler Plant (yet) – and everybody knew everybody’s family on the block ‘cuz we’d all been there for years.”

Her sense of community continues to inform how she runs her business. All Things Detroit now happens multiple times a year – with several variations and hundreds of local vendors. Aside from Eastern Market, she now hosts events in her OWN space on Mich. Ave in Corktown. For a small business that isn’t quite store-front ready - her events are incredible opportunities for growth.

Want the recipe for success? AskJennyfer.