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Detroit is a great place to live. Find out how to make the move easier.

Buy a home from Detroit Land Bank Authority

The City of Detroit owns several residences available to prospective buyers. You can Buy it Now, purchase a Rehabbed and Ready home, or purchase a home through auction. Click here for more.

Buy a home through MLS listing

Detroit has hundreds of homes for sale across all neighborhoods.

Find a real estate agent

Looking for a qualified agent to steer you in the right direction? Find out more at the Detroit Association of Realtors.

Find affordable rental housing

Looking for an affordable rental in the city of Detroit? Use the Michigan State Housing Development Authority’s search tool here.

Find low-rent HUD rental housing

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development provides funding for low-rent housing options for seniors, persons with disabilities, families and low-income individual. Click here to find listings in Detroit.

Find Section 8 rental housing

If you qualify for Section 8 rental housing and are looking for a rental in the city of Detroit, uses the Michigan State Housing Development Authority’s Section 8 search tool here.

Get a Detroit Home Mortgage

Detroit Home Mortgage is an innovative mortgage program designed to boost home ownership in the city of Detroit. Click here to learn more.

Get a mortgage

Looking for a mortgage officer to help with a home purchase in the city of Detroit? Check out Zillow’s listings of licensed mortgage officers here.

Get a MSHDA loan

Do you qualify for one of Michigan State Housing Development Authority’s homebuyer programs? Click here to see available options for prospective Detroit homeowners.