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2018 resolution

What do you want to see The Neighborhoods cover in 2018?

Tell us your story ideas

Welcome to 2018, Detroit!

Since The Neighborhoods officially launched in August, we’ve tried to cover a large amount of ground in the last few months. We’ve gone everywhere from a chitterling-cleaning plant to a historic roller rink, from a cricket field to a boxing program, from a tiny feminists’ house to a basketball league.

But of course, there’s always more out there. Our resolution this year is simple: To keep covering Detroit as you want it to be seen. So tell us, what would you like to see covered on The Neighborhoods?

Is there a business owner out there on the come-up looking for some extra shine, or maybe a longtime entrepreneur who has served their community well? What about issues that need a bigger platform — anything out there that we should be talking more about? Or what’s your story here in Detroit? Everyone has one, whether they’re a Supreme or a survivor.

Drop us a line here at, tweet us at @StoriesFromDet, or if you happen to see this post on Facebook, comment under the thread. We want to hear from you.